Our company brings decades of industry expertise to buyers and sellers who want to control their own destiny and build future equity for themselves and their families. Since 1987, buyers and sellers have trusted Bottom Line Management, Inc., to provide ethical, professional and personalized business brokerage and consulting services based on the company’s in-depth knowledge of current market and industry conditions.

What Our Happy Clients Said

Camp Wolf

The greatest asset in selling our business, was selecting Bottom Line Management to represent us. (Renee P., Owner)

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E.K.G. Security

Our local sales rep with General Equity was Loren Schmerler. He met with us initially in the process and worked tirelessly through the process dealing with numerous interested parties and negotiated numerous letters of intent. Throughout the process and closing Loren was an important part in the eventual sale of our business. (Ken G., VP E.K.G. Security)

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The Bilt House

Loren helped us choose which buyer would run the business with the same integrity and honesty that we had been known for within out industry. Loren was also there every step of the way to help the buyer secure the business loan he needed to bring us the cash offer we were looking for! (Jan Bilthouse)

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TLC Rents

I found BLM to be informative, patient, trustworthy and professional in all instances, you won’t be disappointed. (Lamar, TLC)

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First Water

Probably the best thing GE did for us was set us up with Loren. What a wild ride! Throughout the entire process, Loren was a pillar for us. His coaching, professionalism, and expertise was invaluable. (Stephen R. President)

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Southern Medical Linen Service

I particularly appreciated your sensitivity to my desire about the type of individual that I wanted to take over the business. You showed determination and patience to make sure I was satisfied. (William)

Plumbing Service

I know I pushed you to find a buyer quickly to regain my quality of life back. You always attempted to accommodate me by being available daily and nightly regardless of the day of the week. (Alex Maldon)

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D&D Package

There is no doubt that you were the broker who exhibited the most professionalism during the process. You were available weekends and evenings when necessary Should I have ever be asked by another business owner or buyer who tom recommend, you can be sure that you will be the one.

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