The creation of an online business-for-sale advertisement requires keeping the following two key facts in mind. Important Fact #1: The Goal For Your Advertisement Is To Attract Qualified Buyers And Motivate Them To Request More Information. Simply stated — You cannot sell your business through an ad. The ultimate goal of any business for sale and is to locate people who are good prospects and peak their curiosity.

Important Fact #2: Buyers DO NOT read online ads; they only scan them.
The reason buyers scan and do not read ads is because there are so many ads out there and no living human being could possibly read them all. What they will do is scan the page looking for a few hot-button words that peak their gaze. A high quality prospect will have a general idea of the appealing types of businesses and will have certain hot buttons related to Business Type, Business Location and Price Range. When the prospective buyer comes across one of these hot buttons, the buyer will then slow down to read more details about that particular business.

While scanning the ads the buyer is also compiling a short list of businesses to follow up upon. It should be your goal to get on the short-lists of high quality buyers while simultaneously being left off the short-lists of the unqualified tire kickers.

Truth is that there is not much you can do about the type, location and price range of your business – they are what they are. That said, the key to writing a great business for sale ad comes down to the “Comments” or “Description” sections of the ad.

Things to remember when writing the the comments section of the ad include: Tell them just enough information to get them interested and wanting to know more. Do not try to tell them every last detail about your business. Simply mention 3-5 positive elements of your business and spend 1 or 2 sentences describing them.

A few things you want to mention include: Transferable lease in place with attractive rent and an option to renew; Location on the corner of a busy intersection; Your willingness to stay on with the business temporarily for a training period; Having many long-term and repeat customers; Having unique or patented products; and Sales and profits have been increasing each year.

To avoid getting millions of responses from the wrong people, here are some things you do not want to do when authoring a business for sale ad. First, under no circumstances should you ever write OBO (“Or Best Offer”) next to your asking price. That sends a signal that you are desperate. Every bottom feeding, low-balling, shark will come out of the woodwork just to see if they can steal your business.

Second, if you include a reason for selling, make sure it is a positive one such as retirement or to pursue other business opportunities. Every buyer will want to know why you are selling. However, now is not the time to let them know you are under the gun due to divorce or illness.

Third, do not overhype the business with cliched phrases like: “THIS PLACE IS A GOLD MINE!!!!”; THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!!!!!!!”; or IT’S A STEAL! A high quality prospect buyer will see statements like this and quickly move on to the next ad. If the business was really solid, the seller would not have to resort to these sorts of statements.

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