I recently had a wonderful experience with Ted Leverette, The Business Buyer Advocate. Ted invited me to make a podcast with him, and it is one of the highlights of my professional career. Ted is a very accomplished author, and he is an outstanding interviewer.

He asked me very meaningful questions and added his experience and accomplishments to our conversation. I wholeheartedly recommend Ted to any and all Buyers searching for a business. He can mentor, counsel and advocate for you until you find the right business and buy it at the right price. He will help you negotiate any and all aspects of the business transaction.

I have known Ted for 17 years and marvel at what he has created, built and maintained.  He has an extensive network of professional advisors that include CPAs, Attorneys, financial analysts, marketing experts, environmental experts and business broker/intermediary experts of which I am one. It is both a privilege and a honor to be part of Ted’s network.