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About Atlanta Georgia

This author with Botline Management, Inc. https://www.botline.com/ a proud Atlanta Georgia Business Broker believes managing your business from A-Z and understanding the ...

Managing Your Bottom Line

By Loren Marc Schmerler Just what is "bottom line management" anyway? Bottom Line Management is a style ...

What is My Business Worth?

Let’s discuss how to value your business for sale. If you are considering selling your business the number one element to consider before ...

Small Business Strategic Alliances?

A strategic alliance is merely a collaborative agreement between two people and or companies designed to achieve a common strategic goal. Here ...

Selling a Business

Sellers, preparing solid financials ahead of time will help determine a fair asking price, while giving you the opportunity to identify potential ...

SBA Loan Application Process

Many small business owners require additional working capital at some point. One of the first places they commonly seek this funding is ...

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