Camp Woof


Client wished to Sell Business to Pursue “Living Life to the Fullest”

Although the business grew from an idea to an award winning leader in the industry, the owners were ready to pursue other life interests. Since the owners started the business from an idea on a “laptop” to a success, they wanted to find a buyer with the same passion and dedication to providing the best pet care service.


An exclusive consultation with BLM

BLM tailored a selling plan specifically for the business incorporating the owners goals and interests they outlined.

BLM through contacts and professional experience was able to connect with serious buyers with similar work ethics as the owners.


A successful selling process

  • Sold business for more than the listing price.
  • BLM was able to connect clients with qualified buyers.
  • Owners were thrilled to have been able to sell it to a buyer with similar goals making sure the business would continue to flourish and provide the best pet care service.
  • Owners were able to purse “life to the fullest”.

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