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Ted J. Leverette with “Partner” On-Call Network®

Hire Business Buyer Advocate® Ted Leverette to educate and guide you through their Street-Smart 22-Step Acquisition Sequence™. It integrates five services essential to buyers: search, due diligence, financing, valuation, and deal-making. They are not a business brokerage. They do not sell franchises or any kind of business. They educate!

Doesn’t everyone need
a Partner On-Call?

  • Minimize Business Risks
  • Never forget your lost income opportunity
  • Improve your search and deal-making
  • Achieve More Profitable Deals

100,000 People Have Benefited!

Ted Leverette’s books have been sold from his website and distributed to the customers and clients of over 100 professional, business and governmental organizations in the USA, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Atlanta Georgia How to Buy a Business

Ted has a variety of helpful books for sale and FREE books

Financial Lifelines for Small Businesses

How to Prepare Yourself and Find the Right Business to Buy

How to Buy the Right Business the Right Way

21st Century Entrepreneur Ideas for Kids and Aspirational Adults (Complimentary)

How to Get ALL the Money You Want For Your Business Without Stealing It

Training and/or Consultation from Expert Business Buyer Advocates

Let Ted evaluate your marketability to business sellers, business brokers, business investors, business buyers and others, and show you how to buy the right business the right way.

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