Business Sellers

Sell a Business

Bottom Line Management, Inc. (BLM), an experienced business brokerage firm based in Atlanta, Georgia, is ready to help you navigate the complex process of selling your company – every step of the way. BLM provides business owners, looking to sell their businesses a free confidential consultation. During our consultation we will discuss your objectives, goals and business and you will learn about our services and how our effective methods can best help you achieve your objectives.

We have been the expert standard in this field for over 40 years providing our clients with an exit strategy plan to maximize profits.

BLM designs a personalized selling strategy for your business goals.

Maximize Your Potential

Let BLM help you realize the best possible outcome for the sale of your business. We have the professional expertise and current market knowledge you need to sell your business to the right buyer, at the right price.

The Selling Process

By aligning yourself with BLM, you can trust that the sale of your business will be smooth and successful thanks to our team’s in-depth knowledge of all business, legal and financial requirements as well as superior negotiation skills. Bottom Line Management, Inc. (BLM) knows all the steps to take in order to sell your business quickly and successfully.

Exit Strategy

BLM will guide you through planning the exit strategy that is right for you. Whether you are planning to sell now or in the future, having a proper exit strategy in place is vital to every successful business. Bottom Line Management, Inc. (BLM) strongly recommends that every business owner develop a thoughtful exit strategy – whether you are starting a business, growing a business or selling a business. Let BLM help you plan now for the business exit strategy that is right for you.