What is Your Business Worth?

An Opinion of Value mixes art and science. People determine value: a business is worth what a willing buyer will pay. To an owner, a business may have a sentimental or cost value; however, these types of values do not often translate into actual dollar amounts.

Buyers and sellers may need an Opinion of Value when:

  • buying or selling a business
  • seeking outside investors
  • seeking a business loan
  • dissolving a partnership
  • exploring steps to take to increase the value of their business

Discover How Much Your Business is Worth from Experts

Bottom Line Management, Inc. business brokers – with experience in more than 200 industries and/or types of Businesses and a clear understanding of today’s marketplace – can provide any buyer or seller with an Opinion of Value. Bottom Line Management, Inc. Services Include:

  • Business Broker Service Area’s
    Buy or Sell any size and any type business throughout the USA.
  • Attentiveness
    Your business is unique; your Opinion of Value should be, too. We will use the most appropriate system to determine the Fair Market Value of your specific business at any given time. Our approach relies on the accuracy of the financial, historical and other information received from the business owner, which allows you to have detailed input in the buying process.
  • Timeliness
    Typically, an Opinion of Value can be performed in five to seven days following the collection of data.
  • Confidentiality
    You determine who is to be involved with the Opinion of Value. However, you may need to ask your accountant to answer certain questions regarding the financials of the business.
  • Objectivity
    Many attorneys and accountants entrust BLM to develop a business valuation for their clients. While they may have the ability to perform the service for their clients, they know that an independent Opinion of Value will hold more merit to any outside party.

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