A strategic alliance is merely a collaborative agreement between two people and or companies designed to achieve a common strategic goal.

Here are many forms of strategic alliances such as business to business contracts, broker arrangements, managerial contracts, joint ventures, contracts between a seller and a buyer and so on.

A few strategic alliance benefits for the business broker or small business owner.

  • Generate conversations looking to partner with a strategic alliance and common goal such as a fellow Business Broker, Seller and a buyer. One strategic partner wants to sell their business and the other strategic partner has a solution looking to buy a business.
  • Create opportunities to share common resources.
  • Expand your reach searching for sellers and buyers with (like minded) bottom-line results.
  • Share a common target.

In conclusion, developing strategic alliances with other brokers to help improve your reach to target sellers and buyers would be very beneficial to any business broker and small business owner.

This author https://www.botline.com/ recommends to engage with a professional business broker. By developing a relationship with a business broker ahead of time, you’ll have the opportunity to learn what buyers are looking for, what’s in demand, and ways in which you can make your business more attractive and easier to sell. A business broker can also help you determine a fair asking price and the best time to market your business for sale