Client Testimonial Letters

Since 1987, Bottom Line Management, Inc., has provided ethical, professional and personalized business brokerage and consulting services to buyers and sellers Nationwide who want to control their own destiny and build future equity for themselves and their families.

“A pleasure to work with”

Dear Loren,

Of the legions of business brokers in the country, I’m sure glad we chose Bottom Line Management, Inc.!

This was our first time selling a business and frankly we were not sure what to expect or how to go about the process. We needed someone with a wealth of experience and talent, someone to help us navigate through the details of preparing, listing and selling.

A note of thanks for making it happen, and making it happen quickly! In 5 short months we have gone from the initial listing to closing. Loren, you and Bottom Line have been a pleasure to work with, keep up the superior service.

Gregg Quisito
Money Mailer of Vinings!

“What a refreshing contrast”

Dear Loren:

More than a decade ago, I was briefly toying with the idea of “testing the waters” as to the value of my business. I had occasion to meet various “Business Brokers” and observe their methods for a prospective sale. It seemed that their primary method to gain the buyers confidence in my business was all smoke and mirrors and caressing the buyer into a false state of elation in what owning my business could provide them. The company’s financial stability and projected revenues was presented, but was of secondary emphasis. After having achieved a record-breaking year in 2002 where my sales eclipsed $2.2 million, I received your newsletter and contacted you for a complimentary analysis of my business.

What a refreshing contrast Bottom Line Management Inc. provided me in the recent successful sale of my business. I want to personally thank you and Delle for your diligent efforts in pursuing the sale of my business to its conclusion. Without your guidance and your accurate prediction of where the “numbers would fall”, I would possibly have sold myself short on more than just a few of the key points during the give and take process of in depth negotiations.

As you were aware from the beginning, I am construction oriented and my shortcoming is dealing with the intricate parts of a balance sheet and the financials. Luckily for me, your expertise in these areas resulting from several of the various financial positions you have held during your previous work history, provided a rock solid platform from which we could negotiate The buyer, even though he was formerly from a fortune 500 company, and his experience was in the financial arena, could not begin to challenge our “numbers” in the area you so expertly predicted they would fall. You accurately predicted what portion my revenues and what portion goodwill would contribute to the net value of my business.

Your follow up was comforting in keeping me abreast of the depth and intensity of the negotiation progress. You seem to have a good feel for when to remain firm and when to acquiesce to the buyer’s responses. I believe that trait was important in keeping both parties comfortable with what could have been an extremely intense process.

I consider you and Delle personal friends and would highly recommend your services to anyone contemplating the sale of their business. Feel free to have any prospective clients contact me.


Bill Talbot

“Very pleased with the results”

Dear Loren:
What a ride this has been! First of all, a note to you, Loren – thank you for all your efforts in securing a buyer for my company, I think we both were surprised by the speed with which we located a buyer. Granted, the company itself is very unique, and being home-based, it was in high demand. However, that could have created the potential problem of too many potential buyers, and that would have overwhelmed me. Even though we had over 20 prospects in hand, you only had me talk to two of them, with a third in the wings waiting.

Your prospect qualifying skills were the highlight of this whole process. I would not have known where to start in deciding which of the 25+ prospects I should focus on, and I certainly did not have the time to talk to them all! Other than the first guy who was really just a quick nibble, the very next prospect you presented to me ended up being the buyer in the end, and I did not have to waste my time with anyone else (other than the backup buyer). It is my guess that half of your success comes from how well positioned you are on the internet – you get a lot of prospects due to your visibility on the web (which was why I chose you originally). The other half of your success in finding a buyer comes from your ability to thin the ranks and get down to the real buyers.

Finding and qualifying a prospect are all very important, but closing the deal is a whole other animal. Loren, while it may have been uncomfortable at times, and even tense, thank you for your “stick to your guns” mindset, where you look out for the good of the buyer, and refuse to budge from what you know to be critical issues, even when the seller (me) doesn’t want to. To any prospective individuals looking to use Loren’s services, I would suggest that you realize that if you are seeking to use a broker, it is because you believe that you don’t know everything about buying or selling a business, and you want to hire a professional. Loren is indeed one of those professionals, and he will do some things that might frustrate you (and the buyer), and you may not understand why – this is what happens when you hire someone who knows what they are doing, and they stick to their guns even when the others involved do not know what they are doing.

Specifically, Loren, I believe that when the buyer was dragging his feet, and you held him to the fire, you ensured that the deal would close by pressing for closure, even when I (and the buyer) wanted to just take it easy and keep it friendly. We are not here to make friends (although we did become friends
with the buyer in the end), and time kills deals. It is one thing to play nice, but playing by the rules is even more important, and you kept both me and the buyer to the rules of the game. I will say that at the end there, you playing “bad cop” and me playing “good cop” worked out pretty well.

The bottom line? (no pun intended!) Loren is a personality – think of him as a knowledgeable, firm uncle. He is friendly, thoughtful and welcoming, and his knowledge of a company sale is very extensive and he knows what problems can arise and how to avoid them. I was very pleased with the results, and would use Loren again in the future.

Benjamin Owens
Former Owner,

“Loren is like no other broker”

Loren Schmerler and Bottom Line Management are the best. Owning a monthly publishing business left us no time to sell our local publication and expand nationwide. Loren came to the rescue and sold our business quickly to the right person. Previously, we had negative experiences with two other brokers, one of which was the largest in the nation, who did not take the time to find out our needs. That resulted in no sales and a lot of frustration. But our experience with Loren proved that he is like no other broker. Loren cared about our family owned publishing business and time management limitations. He treated the sale like it was his own business. We highly recommend Bottom Line Management; they are like no other broker.

Randy Dant
The Little Coupon Book, Inc.

“Available whenever I needed him”

Dear Loren,
Thank you for your help with the sale of my liquor store. Please feel free to use me as a reference for any prospective clients needing information.
I found Bottom Line Management, Inc. to be very helpful in the sale of my business.
Loren was very committed to my wishes and available whenever I needed him. Loren is also very knowledgeable in the field of business sale/purchase.
I would recommend Bottom Line Management to a friend if asked to do so.
Thanks again,
Don Post, II
Shiloh Bottle Shop

“A true partner in the selling process”

Dear Loren,

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter on your behalf. I consider you to be a valued friend as well as an accomplished professional.

When you first listed my business, we knew it would be very difficult to find the right person to whom I could hand the baton. As you know, I considered my business my baby and wanted to be sure the new owner would treat my clients and my employee Robert with the utmost respect.

I am happy to say that I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. Tom was the perfect choice with his superior marketing and selling skills and we work extremely well together as a team. With Tom as the new owner, I will be able to take time off and work as much or as little as I desire and help him transition over to the client base.

I am impressed that you hung in there with me every step of the way as we had to weed through unqualified or undesirable prospects. Your professionalism and deep concern for my well-being came through when you put me in the hands of Steve who assisted in the final stages of the transaction.

Please feel free to have anyone contact me if they want to hear it from my lips to their ears as to why they should hire your firm to work as a true partner in the selling process.


Gordon Davis

“Service was simply outstanding”

Dear Loren:

I wanted to take a moment to express enthusiastic thanks to you and Delle from Cheryl and me regarding the recent sale of our two businesses. Your service was simply outstanding and superior to anything else we have encountered.

We began searching for business investments over three years ago. During that time period we looked at businesses in eight southeastern states and dealt with a “forgettable” number of so-called business brokers. Between trying to get brokers to return our phone calls and sorting out the rest who were trying to sell us a pig-in-a-poke, we almost lost our mind! The most astonishing thing is that these people work on commission and put about as much effort into selling their client’s livelihood as they would popping the top on a beer.

Finally, through pure luck we found two businesses here that were listed by you. From our very first meeting, and each subsequent encounter, we couldn’t have been more impressed with your knowledge and abilities. Cheryl and I both remarked many times that you were the best we had ever seen at putting a deal together.

When we decided that the businesses were not the right fit for us, we never even had fleeting thoughts of contracting with another broker. Once again, you were there every step of the way. You were able to represent us fairly and with integrity, two commodities that are, sadly, lacking in today’s world.

While we are not certain if we will venture into this arena again, we are convinced of one thing: we would not dream of contacting any other broker but you!

I realize, and rightfully so, that many who consider a step such as this are frightened of the unknown. I can tell them, unequivocally and without hesitation, that Loren and Delle will mitigate all their fears and turn their experience into a pleasant one.

Please feel free, at any time, to have any prospective clients contact me. I will be glad to describe to them, in detail, what a pleasure it was to work with you.

Wishing you well and with best regards, I remain,

V. Lavoyed Hudgins

“A remarkable accomplishment”

To Whom It May Concern:

Loren Marc Schmerler was the listing broker who represented my clients two and one/half years ago when they were trying to sell their company. I was legal counsel for the sellers and received copies of Loren’s correspondence with the two buyers who were competing for my client’s company.

My clients listed their company with Bottom Line Management, Inc. for $500,000. Within two months, Loren had successfully negotiated a price of $600,000 with both parties based on an earnout scenario. This price was a full $100,000 greater than the listing agreement specified.

At the end, my clients preferred to accept $450,000 on an all cash basis. From the date of the listing until the day of closing, less than three months passed. This was truly a remarkable accomplishment under any set of circumstances.

I continue to have a professional relationship with Bottom Line Management, Inc. and closed one of their transactions this past July.


Helen A. Stahel, Esq.

“Your expert guidance prepared me”

Dear Loren,

It is my great pleasure to thank you for helping me sell my second business.
You did a fine job selling the plumbing business, and your expert guidance prepared me for the sale of my framing business.

You were always available to answer my phone calls and emails in a prompt and professional manner. Your counsel and calm manner have always been much appreciated.

I think you know that I consider you to be my friend as well as a consummate business broker. Please feel free to have anyone contact me so I may assure them of your competency and professionalism.


Alex Maldon

“Look no further. You’ve found the best”


I apologize for not getting you a letter of recommendation sooner. Who would have thought after the long hours you put in selling our business we would become partners in another business.

I can honestly say I found someone who works as hard as my wife and I did and that person would be LOREN SCHMERLER. Loren you kept us informed 24/7…did you ever sleep?

You have not only become a business partner but also a dear friend. I will say it again, Thanks for Making Our Dreams Come True. Anyone who is looking to sell or buy a business, look no further. You have found the best.

Best Regards

Sam/April Scarborough

“You got the full price I was asking for”

Dear Loren:

I hope that you are doing well. I want to take this opportunity to express my thanks for helping me sell my business. I chose you after doing a lot of research on the web about business brokers and your name kept coming up as an expert in the field. I saw articles that you wrote, business associations that you belonged to and when I tried to find anything negative from the BBB to business blogs and forums on the web I failed to find anything or anyone who has any problems with you or your company. I also found another business broker close to my house and I felt that practically that would have made more sense if there was any issues, but it would have been wrong choice because I would not have been hiring the best. And with all our technology physical distance from the client doesn’t matter in your field anymore.

I then wrote to you and asked for some personal references of people who you had helped sell their businesses and you were quick to send my names and phone numbers. I called them and everyone I spoke to had positive things to say about the way you handled their sale. I think the worst I heard was that you were too intense but I took that as a positive. Then I started calling you asking you any and all the questions I could think of as I had never sold a business before and one of the things that impressed me the most was that you answered your phone at all hours of the day and night and even on the weekend. That is the way I am so I felt that you took your business seriously. I considered selling my company myself but I decided to ask for your help as I felt your web presence and knowledge of the process would be in my best interest; and it was.

I was impressed with the way you handled the qualifying process of prospective owners and making sure they signed confidentiality contracts. You moderated the interviews to keep everyone on track and to prevent inappropriate questions and awkward silences. You knew what were the important facts that both parties needed to know and you were well versed with accounting so that you could explain the financials to buyers in a clear and simple format. Then when things were going well with a buyer you had a contract attorney ready who was experienced with business sales who for a fixed price worked out all the details so that everyone felt that their interest was being respected.

You kept everyone on track and moving in the right direction. You had back up buyers in case the primary ones didn’t work out and most important you got the full price that I was asking (I would not have taken any less anyway) and you did all this in about 2 months from start to finish. You can make a note here if I am wrong there and it was less time.

And most importantly you kept everyone’s egos in check; especially mine. It is hard to sell your baby and things could easily have gone South when someone questions decisions that you have made or certain aspect about your company that would never come up unless they were considering buying it and they needed to know certain sensitive facts.

Thanks for making it as painless as possible and I wish you the continued success that you deserve. Thanks also for the cinnamon buns. Kind of like icing on the cake?



“Loren really is available 24/7/365”

How many days it took our business to sell with Bottom Line Management: 83 How much cash we received OVER our listing price: $25,000
Having Bottom Line Management work with us to sell it: Priceless

Any time a business sells in less than 90 days it is remarkable. It is even more remarkable to sell a business for more than the listing price. Here are some additional numbers to consider when deciding to hire Loren Schmerler and Bottom Line Management. Remember Loren brokered our business for only 83 days!

Number of clients he pre-qualified within the first seven days of the listing: 9 Number of clients we had phone consultations with: 6
Number of clients we met for an on-site tour: 4 (3 were within the first 30 days of the listing)
Number of times we had to leave a voice mail message: 2
Number of minutes he took to return our messages: 5 minutes or less
Loren really is available 365/24/7!!

For all of you wondering if selling your business (or becoming a first time business owner) is right for you then ask yourself this question … What would you be doing differently if your first priority was living today to its fullest?

When we considered that question honestly, our answer came easily – we had to sell. Although the business had grown from an idea on our laptop to an award winning leader in the industry, in the business world it all comes down to assets and liabilities.

n our case, the lifestyle our business demanded had become a liability to our living life to its fullest. After meeting with Loren and Delle, we left their office realizing one of the greatest assets in selling our business was selecting Bottom Line Management to represent us.

Renee Palmer and Patsy McGirl
Camp Woof

“You were looking out for our best interests”

Dear Loren

This letter is to commend you and your staff for a job well done. You have successfully marketed and sold our business for 90% of our asking price. And you voluntarily agreed to relinquish pan of your commission to make this happen.

We interviewed several business brokers before deciding to use your firm. You and your associate, Delle Griffin, were professional and enthusiastic and exactly what we wanted. Your firm came with the highest credentials and accomplishments.

Selling our business was particularly challenging because we were selling a manufacturing company with sales of over a million dollars and we wanted an all cash buyout. This is very rare and difficult to do. But you were able to do it within the original contract time.

During that time you spoke to about 115 potential clients. Then set up telephone appointments so we could speak with the prospective buyers to help them make a decision. You were on the line during all the telephone conversations to offer your advice. We also met with all the interested people, showing them our business and answering questions. You were present at every meeting to look after our best interests.

We were always able to reach you quickly. You were never further away than the telephone and you were available seven days a week as you originally represented.

We always felt you were looking out for our best interests with confidentiality and professionalism. We will recommend your firm to anyone. You are a true professional.

Thank you for your excellent service.

George and Joyce Anagnostache

“Never in our wildest dreams”

Dear Loren,
It is almost 6 months. since we sold our manufacturing company.
EYCD though we said we were going into temporary retirement with Gene golfing and me fishing. we arc now even busier than ever with our new wine venture.

It was obvious to us that when we reached our S year goal in 4 years of selling $1,000,000 in products at the end 2001, that we had taken the business as far we wanted. It then became time for another entrepreneur to grow it to the next level.

Never in our wildest dreams would we have expected the response you received to the listing. Your having to speak with more than 340 prospects and spending hundreds of hours on the phone and in meetings finally paid off when you found a buyer who paid us 85% of our asking price in cash at closing.

Gene and I know bow difficult it was to find a sales-oriented buyer who shared our vision for the future. Most of your prospects were financial buyers who couldn’t see past the numbers and were scared to death of the selling process.

Please feel free to refer to either of us any manufacturer or distributor who wants true professionals to market their company and we both wish you continued success.

Bill Bengel, CEO
Gene Murphy, President

“You delivered on your promises”

Dear Loren:
THANKS for your help in saving US Tech.
As you know, when my father started this business in 1984. I was fresh out of college and eager for a challenge. Unfortunately, when my father suddenly died of a heart attack after 3 years. I had more of a challenge than I bargained for! However. with a lot grace. my family and I managed to build the company up to be very successful and profitable over the next almost 20 years until about 2001, when the economy, 9/11, and other circumstances added together to make times a little tough. We managed to ‘stick it out’ while many of our customers and competitors went out of business, but we incurred so much debt that when times got better, we were never able to get back to a consistent positive cash-flow.

When we contacted you, we were desperate. You not only gave us hope, but you delivered on your promises to help us handle impatient vendors and sell the business quickly and at a fair price.

Now, 4 months after the sale, we have paid our vendors, fulfilled our financial obligations, and no longer have building and equipment lease agreements hanging over our heads. The new owner was able to get a fresh start and is making a profit.

During the painful process of negotiations. you were professional and tough in looking to our interests. I also considered you a mentor – and I am happy to recommend Bottom Line Management and Loren Marc Schmerler to any owner considering selling their business. Again. thanks.

Sandi McEnery

“Very satisfied with your services”

Dear Loren,
I would like to offer you this testimonial letter and please feel free to use it in any way you deem appropriate. I am very satisfied with the services your firm provided and would be glad to speak with any of your future prospects to share my experience.

You will remember when we first met that I was overwhelmed with success due to my plumbing business growing rapidly and beyond my wildest expectations. I did not have a partner to share the responsibilities, and the potential for future business was limitless.

When you couple this with the fact that I was operating out of the location of my other business, it put a severe strain on time constraints. I know that I pushed you to find a buyer quickly to regain my quality of life. You always attempted to accommodate me by being available daily and nightly regardless of the day of the week.

When we finally found a buyer, you helped keep the negotiations on track despite several potential roadblocks.
Thank you again for helping me regain my freedom.

Alex Maldon

“The sale was a win-win for both parties”

Dear Loren,
Just wanted to thank you for all that you did in assisting me in the sale of my business. As you said on our first meeting. it was going 10 take a “special buyer” to purchase my type of business. You were right. but you somehow found just the right person. The sale was a win-win for both parties.

I appreciated your professional approach to the potential buyers and your professional expertise in helping me market my business. After interviewing and working with other brokers, I can honestly say that none of them even came close to your caliber of service. The ability to communicate with you 24/7 and your quick follow-up was a real positive in the marketing of my business.

Again, thanks for your help and when I buy or sell another business, it will be Bottom Line Management that gets my business.

Brent Scott
DTH Retail, LLC

“Exceeded my expectations”

Dear Loren,

The sending of this letter bas been delayed only by the need to apply my time to help the new owners in the transition of the business. however the intent to send this has been on my mind for some time now.

Please let me state simply that your assistance and guidance in selling my company bas exceeded my expectations allowing the process to be as smooth and easy as could possibly be imagined. At first I was doubtful, But those characteristics that initially generated a cautious acceptance on my part, turned out to be a strong asset when gauging and filtering out prospective buyers. You seemed to provide the ideal balance of shrewd attention regarding the intentions of suitors….along with a fatherly guidance (for someone unfamiliar with 1he business-selling process) that really allowed me to put most of my attention and effort toward running the business until the time was right to change ownership.

I would be happy to not only be a written reference for any future clients who come along, but feel free to provide them my phone number or email as well. I’d be happy to share with them the degree of my satisfaction with your services.

W. Bryan Lentjes
Web Connect – President

“Professional, honest and direct”

To Whom It May Concern:
This letter is to give my highest recommendation for Loren Schmerler. Loren was crucial in selling my business. He is professional, honest, and direct, and in the end, my business sold for the complete asking price.

Along the way, Loren educated me about the process of selling a business, created a seller friendly contract, and gave me crucial financial advice re: the contract and accounting that my own accountant missed, information which saved me almost $15,000.

Initially I attempted to sell my business on my own. With advice from friends in business and an aggressive approach including ads in numerous national publications, I was certain I would sell it quickly.

Instead I received scores of calls and e-mails and spent a lot of time talking to people who turned out not to be potential candidates, people who had only a passing interest in the business or who were genuinely interested but had no financial backing.

When I decided to pursue a broker, I interviewed several. I found most of them pushy and/or disingenuous. When I spoke to Loren, he was honest about the price range I could expect. He was courteous and professional, and friendly without being overly familiar, which I found refreshing.
As we began talking with prospective buyers, Loren educated me regarding what to expect in terms of our respective roles in the process, how we would work with one another, and how to work with prospective buyers.

If I was skeptical of some of his methods, I quickly came to realize that Loren knew what he was doing. For example, there were times when I felt that Loren was not giving a potential candidate adequate attention; at these times Loren assured me the “potential” candidate was not a
serious buyer. When I disagreed, Loren agreed to give the candidate more attention. In the end, none of the candidates who I thought were serious actually were.

A few examples: A friendly couple who appeared honest and sincere told us they were going to buy the business. The couple disappeared quickly. Another person indicated that the business was exactly what he had been looking for, and then proceeded to ask questions over the next 8 months. He was still asking questions when the business sold.

Another candidate made an insultingly low offer. Yet another couple said what to me sounded like all the right things, and my excitement at the prospect of selling to them grew. As we worked with this couple, it became apparent to Loren that they were problematic. What ensued was an attempt by the couple to divide my loyalties, from Loren to them, which would have greatly undermined my attempt to complete a successful sale.

Loren saw this, but because I could not see it at the time, he agreed, at my insistence, to treat the couple as true potential candidates. Needless to say, as I began to feel manipulated by this couple’s attempts to pit me against my broker, I backed off, and no offer was forthcoming.

When the right buyer came along, Loren seemed to know it. By this time we had had several months’ worth of experience in dealing with prospective buyers. Even so, I told Loren that I was certain he was wrong about this latest candidate. Of course, the business sold to him quickly and for the full asking price.

I highly recommend Loren Schmerler as a broker, and would eagerly give his name to friends and acquaintances seeking to sell a business. Not only will he sell it, he’ll teach you a few things along the way.

Daryl Thetford
Former Owner
CityBooks, Chattanooga, TN

“Our sincere appreciation”

Dear Loren,

On behalf of Dan and myself, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for your untiring efforts to sell our package store during the last 23 months.

We know how hard you worked trying to screen and communicate with the 96 prospects who made contact with you from all over the country.
While owning a store that sold beer, wine and liquor helped support Dan and I and our families for 16 years, trying to sell it by ourselves proved to be impossible.

There is no doubt that you were the broker who exhibited the most professionalism during the process. You were available weekends and evenings when necessary, and you used conference phone calls to perfection to be sure everyone was on the same page.

Should I ever be asked by another business owner or buyer whom to recommend, you can be sure that you will be the one.

Thanks again for everything!
David A. Lockwood

“Patient, informative, trustworthy and professional”

Dear Loren,
Thank you for helping me sell my former company, TLC Rents.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Initially I 1ried to sell this business without professional help but discovered that my lack of experience in this area could create expensive errors for me as a seller. More importantly. selling a business takes time and attention away from doing business. Frankly, I could not run a business and sell a business at the same time.

In April your services as President of Bottom Line Management were engaged to locate a buyer for TLC Rents. On November 30, my business was sold to three individuals who plan to grow TLC Rents to the next level.

I feel you did an outstanding job for me because:

  1. You kept me informed weekly as to your progress on my behalf.
  2. Throughout the selling process you provided guidance on dozens of details relating to getting this business sold.
  3. You obtained an “all cash” price for my business which appears to be very rare these days.
  4. The time and effort you invested on my account was impressive. I found you to be patient, informative, trustworthy and professional in all instances. By finding a buyer for TLC Rents, you helped me avoid liquidating a twelve year old business that was truly my pride and joy, even during the last couple of years when profits were down.

This letter may be used as a testimonial because I will enthusiastically recommend you and Bottom Line Management. You helped me sell a business, and I will gladly return a favor.

Lamar Hart

“You were always in our corner”

Dear Catherine and Loren,

Frank and I would like to thank you both for the positive relationship we’ve bad with you and Bottom Line Management. We appreciate your aggressive efforts in the sale of our company, Furniture Delivery Professionals, Inc. Not only did you display extreme professionalism in the negotiations, but by your experience you were able to secure us an additional $105,000 for our company.

As you know, we had listed our company with two other agents in the city before we met you. Both of these agents falsely represented themselves and their capabilities and presented many false hopes to us. We virtually felt as if Bottom Line Management was our last hope. We were actually quite skeptical to begin with. But those feelings immediately disappeared when we started to know you, first as business associates, then as friends.

I think that together, Loren and Catherine, you have created the perfect mix for a successful business. Catherine. you were always kind and considerate of our emotions and feelings concerning this company. If we ever had any doubts or fears about the buyers, you put those to rest, always looking out for our best interest. Your experience in dealing with people of all walks of life and in many areas of business shone through beautifully. For all your help and understanding and the insight you gave us that led us to the right decisions, we thank you very much.

Loren, you were always in our corner not only calming our fears but always seeming to be one step ahead of any problems. You have an unusual foresight which you used many times to head off anything that could have prevented the sale. If I had a concern or problem anytime, day or night, you were always there and within minutes of our conversation, you had a solution or the problem was gone. As I look back, you handled the business as if it were your own and our sale as if it were your own.

I thank you both for your diligence that resulted in making one of our dreams come true. I’m glad for the opportunity of meeting you both and seeing there are people with integrity, honesty and values still in the business world. For that we are equally grateful.

God bless you both and fulfill all your hopes and dreams. We thank you.

Kathie Del Pizzo
Frank Del Pizzo

“My hat is off to you and your staff”

Dear Loren,

This letter I am writing is long overdue and well deserved on your part. I believe that in these economic times for you and your company to be able to market, negotiate and sell Antique City for the full cash price we realized is truly amazing, I know of no other business owner that has had this kind of success and for that my hat is off to you and your staff. Your patience and tenacity was never compromised. You truly were the man and the firm for the job. Thanks again!

James M. Dion

“If he can’t sell this business, nobody can”

Hi Loren,
Thank you for being diligent in your pursuit of selling our business, All-Star Entertainment. Your persistence and our patience paid off. After 6 years and three brokers later. we finally met with success. Being a service business, with very little hard assets, we knew the work was cut out for all of us.

I had been disillusioned with the previous two brokers and was not certain of your capability in the beginning, but after our initial meeting and understanding your plan of action, I told my husband, “if he can’t sell this business, nobody can.” Loren, you proved to be faithful, tenacious and an excellent resource of creative finance. We wanted to take a moment of our busy time to express to you our gratitude.

If I ever know of anyone needing to sell a business, they certainly will receive your name and number from me. Thanks again.

Setting New Standards of Fun!

Alice Trammell
All-Star Entertainment, Inc.

“Just a phone call away”

Dear Loren,
It’s my great pleasure to provide you with a testimonial letter for helping me sell Suntamers tanning Salon. If another business owner would like to speak with me before listing their business with you, please feel free to have them call me.

As you know, I had a bad experience with the first broker I selected, however, that was not the case with you. From the very beginning, we had an excellent relationship with open and honest communication.

Regardless of when I needed to speak with you, I was always able to contact you or have you return my calls within a matter of minutes or hours. Whether you were in town or out of town, I found you always to be just a phone call away.

You did an excellent job of screening prospects and eliminated the tire kickers who could not afford to buy my business. I never felt that my time was being wasted and your use of conference calls was very efficient.

From start to finish, you helped me sell my business in less than 4 months. As I understand it, the national average is 7 months, so I feel I was very fortunate to have you working with me. The relationship was more like a partnership where you treated my 10 year old business as if it was your own. I greatly appreciate your involvement and sensitivity, since selling a business is like sending a child to college.

Thank you for helping me free myself from my business and enjoy my family and other business pursuits.

Chis Hogg

“Thanks Loren – you are a true pro”

Dear Loren:
I’d like to take this opportunity to sincerely THANK YOU for the outstanding job you did in selling my business. Mail & More @ Toco Hills. I recommend that anyone who is looking to sell a business waste no time in contacting you so they can have peace of mind knowing that a true professional is working diligently on their behalf.

All businesses have unique sets of circumstances, including mine, and I appreciate your frank assessment of the condition of my business, your recommendation on sale strategy, your fantastic copyrighting with the always-change-needed online marketing and your negotiation skills that are second to none.

Your sincere desire and never-give-up determination were also instrumental in the successful sale of my business. I don’t believe I would have gotten extra innings and overtime play from anyone like I got from you!

I was in a very difficult financial position with an unbending landlord. The prospect or business failure through both business and personal bankruptcy was imminent.

Loren, you saved the day! While bankruptcy was my last resort, your professionalism as a business broker and business advisor saved me thousands of dollars, incredible hassle, sleepless nights and a blemish that would have taken me years to recover from.

If you ever have a prospective client who is sitting on the fence about whether or not to do business with you, please don’t hesitate to put them in touch with me.

Thanks again Loren – you are a true pro!

Brian A. Zimmerman
Former Owner, Mail & More

“More than a brokerage firm”

To Whom It May Concern:
Bottom Linc Management. Inc. was instrumental in the sale of our video store. We had a six thousand square foot video store with about seven thousand titles. Our overhead was high and our sales were low. My partner and I tried ways to increase our profits but did not have a great deal of success. After months of frustration, we decided to put our store on the market. A few people came in and looked around but after going over the books, decided against it due to the low sales volume.

A friend of mine suggested that we call Bottom Line Management to list our business. Since my friend had only positive things to say, I decided to call Bottom Line Management along with another brokerage firm. The first company, whose name I won’t mention, reviewed the store and decided they couldn’t sell it due to the numbers. This experience was not much different than filling out a police report after an accident. The following day, Bottom Line Management came in and we began a dialogue. Loren Schmerler, President of Bottom Line Management, seemed to be just as interested in my partner and me (our background, experience, motives) as he was in the numbers.

After some very pleasant meetings, he decided to list our store and consulted with us on what it would take to market it effectively. He evaluated the business and introduced a low cost advertising campaign that boosted sales and made the store more marketable. In three months, our sales had increased roughly 15% due to Loren’s strategy, and the store sold. After being turned down by another company, it was refreshing indeed to have a company come in and work with us to solve our problem. Bottom Line Management is more than a brokerage firm. They are business consultants who care and you can’t imagine what a difference that word makes.

Thank you very much.

Farhad Shadravan

“You earned every penny”

Dear Loren,
I want to express my sincere gratitude for the help you provided me in connection with the sale of my business, Southern Medical Linen Service. From the beginning to the end you exhibited a degree of professionalism and dedication that was truly impressive. I particularly appreciated your sensitivity to my desire about the type of individual that I wanted to take over the business. You both showed a real determination and, in some cases, real patience to make sure that I was satisfied with the end result.

I must admit that I had a somewhat jaded opinion of business brokers before I met the two of you but I can honestly say that you completely shattered all my preconceived notions. I also initially thought that the fees you quoted me were on the high side but, in retrospect I think that they were not only very fair, but that, in fact, you earned every penny. I never realized how much work and time it takes to sell a business, even a rather small one like mine.

In closing, I would like to say that in addition to all of the above I also enjoyed getting to know the both of you on a personal level. It makes for a much more pleasant experience when you are fond of the people that you are dealing with. Thank you again for all your efforts on my behalf and best of luck to you in the future.

Vernon Skiles

“A glowing recommendation”

Dear Loren,
Now that I have passed the 2 month transition period with Ben, I wanted to take a moment to thank you both for helping me sell my publishing business.

As we all know. while there was a tremendous amount of interest on the part of prospects, no one was willing to step up to the plate on my terms and at my price until you found Ben.

Due to the very unique nature of my magazine, it was not everyone’s cup of tea, and it took a great deal of salesmanship on your part. This did not go unnoticed.

I have great peace of mind knowing that I received SO% of my asking price at closing with the remainder secured by a second mortgage for 5 years until it is paid in full. Your creativity in putting the deal together saved the day when we were at an impasse.

Bonnie and I are now having a home constructed in Florida and look forward to our move later this year. The proceeds from the sale of my business have enabled us to increase our freedom and financial security.

Thank you both again for being the consummate professionals you are, and feel free to refer any future prospects to me for a glowing recommendation.

Harry Bazarian
President and Publisher

“Thank you for your persistence”

Dear Loren,
I truly appreciate your persistence in marketing my dance studio. The business was difficult to sell. There were many reasons for this. A dance studio is a very specialized business and there is a very limited market for people who would be interested in buying a dance studio. Not only does the buyer need to be qualified to run the business, they also needed quite a bit of financing.

The management company was very difficult to deal with. I was surprised at how complicated they made the process. If Marsha and Jerry didn’t come up with a huge security deposit, the sale would not have gone through.

In the long run, I am pleased with the deal. It gets me off the hook as far as the lease goes, and if the business does not succeed, the management will not come looking for me!

A dance studio is a service industry and does not show a lot of profit. The space is large and therefore the rent is quite high. Almost anyone that came to inquire about purchasing the studio almost RAN our the door! I think it was because the overhead was high and the profit margins low.

Anyone who is in the dance business knows we are in it because we love it and we are touching children’s lives. This is what kept me teaching for so long. I am pleased und relieved not to have the financial burden of the school.

I will miss teaching, and I am sure I will teach again. Right now I am excited to begin a new career. Once again, I must thank you for your persistence and the professional manner in which you treated me and concluded our sale.

Wynn Wise McCurdy

“High degree of integrity and professionalism”

Dear Loren,
Phil and I want to thank you for all of your efforts in the recent sale of our liquor store. You did an outstanding job from start to finish and we would be glad to recommend your services to any prospective clients.

It took two and a half long years to find a buyer for our business but you never stopped working on our behalf. Even when we did not follow your advice you continued marketing our business on the terms we wanted.

You gave us good advice and recommended different strategies for marketing our business from the beginning. You were always available either by phone, email, conference calls or face to face meetings. You even came to our house late one evening so would could sign an offer from a prospective buyer. You really are available to your clients 24/7.

You were always patient with us showing understanding for the emotional aspects for selling a business that we had worked so hard on for the past five years.

It was a pleasure working with someone with such a high degree of integrity and professionalism. We would recommend your services to anyone purchasing or selling a business.

Melodie Hoff

“Best possible price and terms”

Dear Loren,
Amy and I wanted to take a moment to thank the two of you for doing a fabulous job in marketing and selling Spike’s Brick Oven Pizzeria.

Your 6 months of hard effort paid off when you finally found the right buyer from the 43 prospects who answered your Internet ads.
We were amazed to see that you did in fact really work day and night – 7 days a week to make this transaction a reality.

We know it was very difficult for you to sell the restaurant due to our not having the best records, but you persevered and guided us on what we needed to do to obtain the best possible price and terms.

It made us feel good to see you eat at our restaurant, not because we were your clients, but because you enjoyed the food and service. This made your marketing efforts more sincere and effective.

You opened our eyes about how difficult it is to sell a restaurant without using a professional business broker. The unqualified prospects, tire kickers and flakes can drive you crazy and actually hurt the business by taking your attention away from what really matters – the quality of the food and the quality of the service.

If we can ever be of help by way of a telephone reference, please feel free to have your prospect contact us. We were very satisfied with the result and will be glad to share our experience with others.

Eric and Amy Dec

“I wish you continued success”

Dear Loren,
I wanted to take a moment from my very hectic schedule to thank you for assisting me in the sale of my Stockbridge Mail & More franchise.

All of us had to jump through hoops to make this transaction work, and I appreciate your willingness to have countless conference calls and evening and weekend meetings.

You were very helpful in working with the Vogelsbergs to prepare a contract offer and in reassuring them that they were making a good decision. I was particularly surprised and pleased when I learned that you gave “free” consulting advice to Margot on the evening of closing because you genuinely want her to be successful.

Your past experience in selling franchises came through when you dotted every ‘I’ and crossed every ‘T’. Knowing that each prospect must receive a Uniform Franchise Offering Circular and that we cannot accept any funds until 10 days have passed from the date of receipt is a basic but mandatory requirement.

From my initial mailing to 1,000 individuals and my screening of 3 firms, it was obviously meant to be that we would work and prosper together. I look forward to your helping me sell future franchise locations, and I wish you continued success.

Chris Kaloukous

“Operates with the highest integrity”

Regarding Bottom Line Management:

I have recently worked with Loren Schmerler to complete the purchase of a business. As a new business owner, I possessed only minimal knowledge about the process used to buy a private company. Loren expertly guided me through the process of purchasing a business and I found his input and expertise to be extremely helpful. He patiently answered my many questions and provided insights that I was not able to otherwise get. Loren is very knowledgeable and helped me avoid several potentially costly mistakes during the acquisition process.

I would highly recommend Loren to any prospective buyer. He is very accessible, has years of experience in buying and selling businesses, and operates with the highest integrity.

Scott Hightower
Remote Business Management

“Thanks for your advice and assistance”

Dear Loren:
I apologize for having taken so very long to write this letter. You did such a terrific job finding a good business for me to buy, that I have been non-stop busy since we closed the purchase – a very good problem to have!

I appreciate all of your advice and mentoring throughout the purchasing process. More importantly, I am very grateful that you had the resources and contacts, from financing to due-diligence, to make the process of buying my business a smooth one.

Again, thanks so much for all your help, advice and assistance.

Dan Owens

“Persuasive skills and sales ability”

Dear Loren,
As we both know, an Exclusive Listing Agreement was signed between Graffiti Zoo and Bottom Line Management, Inc. on August 14, 2010. Within the first month, I had two promising buyers and several more inquiries. One of those buyers made an offer in less than 30 days after I listed. The offer was 7.14% greater than the listing price. This is most unusual and even more so for a business that is losing money.  The closing is scheduled for October 4th.  From start to finish, you will have sold my business in 52 days.

I have only owned Graffiti Zoo for 15 months and the company is not showing a profit at this time, but you have the persuasive skills and sales ability to show buyers the potential the company can have in the future.

I will be very pleased to highly recommend Bottom Line Management, Inc. to anyone interested in selling their business. Please feel free to have them call me if they wish to receive additional information regarding our business and personal relationship.

Joyce D Ross
Owner, Graffiti Zoo

“Your efforts have helped us retire”

Dear Loren,
It is our pleasure to provide you with a testimonial letter for having accomplished a minor miracle. When we first listed our business with you, we reluctantly agreed to finance $100,000 when we really preferred 100% cash. When it was all said and done, you not only obtained 100% cash, but you also obtained an extra $50,000. Then the icing on the cake was when you saved us another $20,000 as a tax deduction for 2011.

Throughout the listing period, you were always available 7 days a week by phone, email or in person. You never had a problem meeting with us evenings or on the weekend. We felt that you always had our best interests at heart. You conducted yourself in a professional manner at all times.

As a result of our experience, we consider you to be a personal friend and would be delighted to tell others of our confidence in your ability to represent any seller or buyer. Your efforts have helped us retire. This will allow us to vacation whenever we desire, and it has improved our quality of life and financial security.

Thank you for everything you have done for us.

Al and Sissy Wheeler

“You were available to me on short notice”

Dear Loren,
I wanted to drop you a line to express my sincere appreciation for your assistance in helping me locate, analyze and purchase a business. The $7,500 retainer that I paid you at the beginning of our journey was refunded by you on the day of closing like you said you would do when I signed up for the Buyer’s Broker Program.

My attorney, Shannon Collier, Esq., highly recommended you and your firm based on your impeccable reputation, high ethical standards and superbly professional approach towards helping your clients. What amazed me most was your 24/7/365 approach towards making yourself available. All my phone calls were returned and all my emails were answered promptly. I could reach you at 1:00 a.m. as easily as I could reach you at 8:00 a.m. You were available to me on short notice, weekdays or weekends.

The fact that you and I analyzed close to 30 businesses in 90 days is a testament to your analytical prowess and financial background. In the end, I purchased a business that is filling a need I have had for the last 3 years. I feel confident that I will be calling you within 5 to 10 years to help me sell my business for several times more than what I paid for it.

Thank you again, and please feel free to give my name and number to any buyer or seller who would like a reference.


Robert Rhoades

“We got more than our asking price”

Dear Loren,
When my husband and I decided to entertain the idea of selling our 30 year old business, we knew it would probably be a difficult thing to do and take a very talented broker to do it. Though extremely profitable, my bookkeeping was a nightmare that would most probably make it impossible to sell or really tough for a bank to be willing to give a Small Business Administration loan to the buyer.

However, we decided to give it a shot and listed our three stores with Loren. After less than 4 months, he brought us more than one qualified buyer. Not only did he sell our business, but we got more than our asking price. Loren helped us choose which buyer would run the business with the same integrity and honesty that we had been known for within our industry. Loren was also there every step of the way to help the buyer secure the business loan he needed to bring us the cash offer we were looking for! Loren was always a phone call away whenever needed and was there to see the deal through to the end.

If you ever have a potential client who needs to be assured that you are the broker to choose, you are more than welcome to have them call us! We can assure them! Thank you, thank you Loren. Now Ed and I will soon be able to sail away on our yacht and enjoy our retirement as we have always dreamed of, much in part to you and Bottom Line Management, Inc.!!!

Jan and Ed Bilthouse

“I recommend Loren without hesitation”

Dear Loren,
I am forwarding you this testimonial letter should you care to use it to procure future clients.

To say that Bottom line management, specifically Loren Schmerler delivered is an understatement. Once I decided to sell the company that I’ve spent four years building, I began to research Business Brokers looking for a strong Internet presence as well as a dedicated knowledgeable individual to walk me through the process.

I met with three different companies in the Atlanta area which included the “Biggest” in the industry. I went with my instincts and used Loren to sell my business.

Once the agreement was signed I almost immediately started to see activity from potential buyers and had a bonafide offer within weeks which included a very aggressive closing date. I remember thinking that it would be a miracle if we were able to close on that date well I guess miracles still happen because that is exactly the date we closed on. It was the smoothest business transaction I’ve had to date, perhaps I would have never sold if all business was this easy. My point is this, If you are thinking about selling your business I would recommend using Bottom Line Management without hesitation.

Phil Janaka

“I gained a great deal of insight and guidance from Loren”

To whom it may concern,
The following letter should serve as my recommendation of Bottom Line Management, Inc. and specifically Loren Marc Schmerler and his Buyer’s Broker Program.

I enrolled in the program in March of 2009 and purchased my first company in November 2009. I gained a great deal of insight and guidance from Loren during that time period. I contacted multiple brokers during my first several weeks looking for a business opportunity. I had just left a Sales and Consultation Management position and determined that the time had come to own my own company. Loren took interest in my situation but recommended against buying the listing that led to my initial contact with him. Loren asked to meet with me for an hour or two to discuss a program that would lead to me finding a better fit.

We reviewed my strengths and weaknesses. I have over 20 years of experience in managing sales managers, marketing departments and inventory control personnel. I have directly managed ad budgets over $25 million and consulted on ad budgets in the hundreds of millions. I led staffs of up to 125 people and developed comprehensive marketing campaigns that have been adopted and copied nationally. I walked into Loren’s office confident I was capable and ready.

I was skeptical of the program. The cost was $5,000 up front. I was concerned that it could be a scam that would provide me with a $5,000 lesson. I was concerned there were only two previous participants. Though Loren provided me with their contact information, I was concerned it could be fraudulent. I did speak with both the parties; both were complimentary and open.

Unfortunately, neither had much in common with me. The thrill of building something appealed to me much more than finding a profession, honorable as that is, to make a good living. I needed more information on Loren so I investigated the information on his website. I called the trade organizations and was given recommendations by both. The President of the GABB confirmed Loren’s background claims and volunteered that he had negotiated several deals with Loren and was very complimentary of his skill, knowledge and ethics.

Having his reputation confirmed to my satisfaction, I agreed to the meeting. When I completed telling Loren my qualifications and aspirations, he told me what he could do to help me achieve my goals. He assured me he would be available to me beyond standard business hours. He would teach me how to search for a business more efficiently; how to spot inconsistencies in ads; how to effectively determine the value of a company; how to make an offer; how to negotiate with a broker.

He told me he would be there with me and make sure I got the best deal possible. He also had a network of legal and financial people that I would be able to access. He would assist me in getting incorporated and to make my retirement funds available to the corporation in a manner that would not be taxed. Loren stated he would assist me with the SBA loan process if applicable.

Most importantly, he told me he would provide honest feedback to keep me grounded. The buying process is filled with minor frustrations such as lack of communication from the seller’s broker to major frustrations such as the discovery of fraud. Loren’s assessment that it was easy to get too excited about an opportunity is dead on accurate.

Loren had the experience that I believed would be an asset to me. I had preached to my clients that the most important thing they need to do is surround themselves with strong people and develop processes to maximize their skills. That was what led me to sign. Having interacted with many other brokers throughout the process, my belief in Loren’s abilities and ethics has only gotten stronger.

With Loren’s help, I have looked at countless listings. I have placed offers on 6. I have encountered owners with unrealistic expectations and some with fraudulent numbers. I have encountered brokers that are incompetent and a few that are unethical. Loren provided insight and guidance that ensured that I was aware of possible issues and recommendations for managing them.

Regardless of an individual’s level of expertise, having an expert in the field of brokering a transaction this important is an asset. That is why I signed; that is why I continue to seek Loren’s advice; that is why I recommend the service. Loren’s primary compensation in most deals will come from the commission on the sale. I enjoy the analytical and negotiation portion of the process. Loren always advised me that he would present any offer as long as it could be justified. I tested that claim. I was never pushed to raise an offer or counteroffer above my comfort level for the individual transaction. To the contrary, I was advised to cease negotiations when an owner or selling broker was being unrealistic.

I was never pushed to look at Loren’s listings that did not meet my specified criteria. In fact, Loren would have been compensated higher if he allowed or encouraged me to accept any of the other final offers that had been the result of previous negotiations. I now count Loren as one of my trusted advisors along with my CPA and attorney. We have not agreed on every issue; I probably would not have written this recommendation if we had.

Due to how much Loren has helped me, I have essentially offered him unlimited access to my business as it grows. I want to add to his strengths as he has done to mine. I have also informed him that I would make myself available to any client or potential client during any part of the search process. I am an advocate of the program.


John J. Lovett
JL Family Ventures, President

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