Many entrepreneurs, who are concentrating on their good idea, focus on sales and how to make the needed sales required to make their business succeed. This article seeks to steer your focus from the beloved sales process and encourage your concentration on the buying process.

So, what is the Buying Process? The first step a buyer needs to recognize is the necessity of getting the customer to like you. This relationship might begin at a networking event or business expo, or being introduced by a mutual friend. The first impression is an extremely important one. Your goal is to be liked. Find out about your prospect – What does he/she do? What is his/her business? What are his/her problems?

After the customer likes you, he/she needs to become aware of and like your company. This might be achieved through your ads, your reputation, or your website. Be aware of your reputation, and how it is effected by every move you make.

Next, of course, your product/service also has to impress the customers and be valuable to them. While you think you have a great product or service that everyone needs and wants, you must be prepared and able to demonstrate why everyone needs or wants your product or service. Make sure you can tell stories about other customers’ success with your product and that you have customers who have used your product/service available to serve as prospects for potential customers.

Once you have gotten to this step, the sale is almost out of your hands. This step is money. Does your customer have the money to go forward? Here’s where you find out if you have succeeded in proving the value of what you offer.

The last step of the buying process is time. No matter how much the customer likes you, your company, your product, and no matter how much money they have, if the timing is wrong, no sale will happen. So, what can you do? Keep in touch, post pertinent articles, send a greeting card, publish a newsletter.

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