The process of selling a business is much different than selling a house or other type of real property. The differences are quite deep and it takes a thorough understanding of the nuances of selling businesses to be successful at it. That being said, many people are still unaware of the differences between a business broker compared to a real estate agent. This article will explore some of those differences.
Skills Required To Sell A Business.

If you wish to sell a business then dealing with a professional that has the skill set and experience to do so is probably the best course of action to take. Successful business brokers must be knowledgeable about how to value a business. This requires a level of acumen in valuation principles, financial statement analysis, taxation implications, inventory and goodwill issues, and so on.
Real estate valuation is a different process altogether. There is usually good comparable market data available whereas with small private businesses, there is not.

Marketing A Business For Sale.
To successfully sell a company, it requires a robust network of potential buyers and influencers such as accountants, lawyers, wealth managers, bankers and others to draw from. Often, it takes the fullest effort possible on behalf of a business intermediary in order to put a deal together. Because of this, usually professionals that are specialized in the field of business brokerage are best equipped to market and find buyers for a small business for sale.

Business Brokerage Not Geographic-Centric.
The field of real estate is often specialized by professionals who specialize in a specific territory or geographic location. For instance, a good real estate agent may know a town or neighborhood quite well. Conversely, in the field of business brokerage, a business broker may specialize in a price range or industry such as manufacturing or distribution and not be confined necessarily to a tight geography in which to operate in.

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