The most confusing issue for many owners when selling a business is determining an appropriate selling price.

Though this is one of the most important decisions a business seller can make, for most business owners, determining a selling price (or business valuation) is a difficult and confusing task.

Hiring a licensed Business Broker can help discover a realistic price to list your business for. Remember, setting the selling price too high may discourage potential buyers from inquiring about the listing and if the price is set too high from the beginning and it stays on the market too long it may lead to red flags — buyers may think there is a problem with the business if it is listed for too long.

Additionally, it’s a doubled edged sword because selling a business that is too low in price also not favorable in that a business owner is not realizing the fullest value for their business.

The advantage of hiring a licensed business broker can help determine useful methodologies that can be used to help determine what to list and sell your business for.

• How is your business valued?
• Determine the right multiples that vary per industry
• Cash flow factors
• Business geography and timing
• Business earnings
• Business financial audit and review
• Asset based evaluations
• Eliminate emotions from the sale

This article was to merely discuss in a very brief manner how a licensed business broker can not just list and help sell your business but also determine the right business valuation to help with a fast and fair market value sale for all parties involved.

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