The valuation of a business provides a company or business with a detailed understanding of what their business is actually worth. An opinion of the worth of your business from an experienced and credible business broker service provides a business with the essential financial and historical data needed to understand the full value of their business. A business valuation is crucial data required for important transactions such as the buying or selling of a business, seeking business funding or a loan, or dissolving a partnership.

A comprehensive business valuation includes both the valuating of your business as a whole, as well as the worth of all of the equipment within the business.

The valuation of a business can be split into four separate sections:
• Market value or fair value
• Existing use value or going concern value
• Gross current replacement cost
• Rental valuations

Each of these four sections covers different aspects and each of them are important in their own right, due to the fact that this data provides a business with information that is necessary for the smooth running of your establishment.

In the case of gross current replacement cost, this valuation looks in great detail into the insurance, loss assessment and arbitration of the business. Knowing the exact valuation for these company aspects will assuredly help a business in the long run. For example, the business might be paying too much or too little towards insurance. The gross current replacement cost valuation will make it clear exactly how to upgrade your insurance so that it covers your business accurately. On top of that, it will be able to highlight where your business is experiencing losses to enable the company to rectify the situation.

Some industries require the use of heavy machinery and equipment. These pieces of equipment need to be valued in their own right. This is due to the fact that the machinery and equipment can decrease in value over time, especially if it is not maintained properly. A company might be using old pieces of equipment to cut costs, but this could be extremely dangerous for employees and for the business as a whole. By doing a valuation on these pieces of equipment and machinery, the business will be able to discover which equipment should be rendered useless to the company and make the necessary changes.

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