This article will discuss a few of the triggers why you should hire a licensed Business Broker when looking to sell your business in the great state of Georgia?

Let’s face it, selling a business on your own may take between 8 to 12 months and this is only if you have some means of contacts and the ability to know to whom, when and where to advertise.

The following is a breakdown for some of the reasons why using a Licensed Business Broker to sell your business in the great state of Georgia may benefit “YOU” the seller when listing your business properly in order to sell fast and for the dollar number you were seeking.

1. Selling Your Business at a Direct Public Level May Lose Existing Customers
When you try to sell your business direct and in the public eye the business owner may be at risk of losing key existing clients, affiliates, contacts, 3rd party vendors and even employees if word of the sale gets out without any solid explanations in advance. When working with a licensed business broker there are specific protections that are set in place to help avoid such potential negative effects from occurring such as all potential buyers would be required to sign a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement before we release any information about the business to a potential buyer. A licensed business broker can week out the on-lookers, the curious, the shoppers non-financeable and the competition. A licensed business broker will find the serious buyer that is financeable and or have the funds outright for cash deals when available.

2. Keep Your Lights on as Usual
When hiring a licensed business broker to help sell your business, it takes the focus and time it takes to try and list and sell your business to the professionals allowing you to run and manage your business as usual without any additional parties becoming suspicious of the sale. It is important that your business runs as normal as possible especially during the course of attempting to list and sell your business. It’s imperative that the business continues to grow and bring in the numbers especially during a business selling process in order to assure the net worth does not lessen during this time. You do not want a down-turn in business revenues to effect the sale of your business during this time. on keeping the revenues on an upward trend. Buyers do not like to purchase a business with a downward trend of the revenues.

3. Listing Price … What is the Value of Your Business
You may be asking too little for your business causing you to lose money from the start of perhaps your asking too much causing your business not to sell or even attract potential buyers. The licensed business broker you hire should as a general practice take a complete audit and review of your business financials. This audit should include your P&L and cash flow. A licensed business broker will be able to advise what your business new worth value is and the potential selling price to start with.

4. Face to Face Negotiations and Paperwork
A licensed business broker will be able to manage and coordinate the face-to-face negotiation process on your behalf while you manage the day-by-day operations of your business. There is also much paperwork to contend with such as contracts, revisions, inspections, closing docs, and much more. This process can become very overwhelming and time consuming and a licensed business broker may be able to help you through this process in a much more organized and relaxed manner.

For most readers, inclusive of the author of this article, determining to hire a licensed business broker in the great state of Georgia is a decision only the business seller can make however, it is our opinion that is best to list and sell your business with services provided by experienced business brokerage services such as Bottom Line Management, found online at and phone at 470-990-0160.

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