Buying or selling a business in Georgia?  Best practice for best results should be to retain the services of a business broker.

Business brokers usually work on behalf of the seller and or the buyer. Typically speaking a business broker will represent a business seller however, business buyers can also seek the expertise of a business broker that has both the knowledge and business database of businesses for sale for the type of business a business buyer may be looking for as well as the geographical area such as Atlanta Georgia.

Working with a business broker provides many benefits when working with the business seller. A business broker helps keep the business arrangement to sell and buy together as the buyer and seller transaction progresses.

Here are a few examples of business broker to “Buyer” responsibilities:

  1. Sellers do not have to meet buyers face to face. The business broker will take on these responsibilities to interview the buyers and determine if the buyer is serious, compatible and if financially approvable.
  2. Business brokers have all of the necessary Q&A and paperwork for a potential buyer to complete. This includes the personal financial statement.
  3. Business brokers will also present compatible businesses that are available to purchase to business buyers.
  4. Business brokers may require you to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
  5. Business brokers will provide to thew buyer some general financial information and financial statements about the business a buyer may be interested to purchase.
  6. The business broker will act of the best point of contact for the buyer. A business broker will answer all buyer questions concerning the business.


Here are a few examples of business broker to “Seller” responsibilities:

Looking to sell your business? It is time to retain are the services of a business broker. The broker will oversee the entire process with the potential buyer while you continue to run your business.

  1. The business broker will interview all of the buyers.
  2. Business brokers with access to buyers will provide their database for potential buyers that may be interested to purchase your business.
  3. The business broker prepares a marketing plan for the seller.
  4. A sales prospectus document will need to be prepared by the seller and shall be provided by the business broker. Your business broker will help you both structure the deal as well as assist the completion of the paper-work.
  5. Business brokers will help determine the business worth and what asking price to list your business for.

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